Yes, you guessed it right it about HER, the woman who gave us birth, the woman who nurtered us. The being who can fight for us no matter the condition.

Here are Some moments in wild which explains a different role of mother in every Photograph. Moments in wild sometimes amazes us and sometimes it teaches us things. Things which are natural but so beautiful and endemic that you find lucky for yourself to have a family and a Mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.

Zack Synder’s Justice League

This. Is. DC. Zack Synder proved in 4 hours what is the reality of film-making and industry of film-making.

Justice league is a story of how all superheros come together to defeat evil and protect earth, DC were the first to think a concept like this (way before avengers and marvel) to show all superheros interacting each other and combining all the fan following to ONE. Zack Synder has shown the darkness and the league very appropriately. His love for DC is visible in this cut. There so much that he has shown that now it will be difficult to believe that all movies have everything that we want to see. The old justice is nothing but a cartoon show now almost. It is not about the details, it is about the main details that were missed.

The main fundamentals of DCEU are truly connected to flash, flash is a character of dc that can change the time line (well you will see in this cut, if you haven’t earlier), now this changes many things, changes the whole universe but flash was shown in old justice league for only running fast and generating electricity. Let’s come to cyborg, a character which is capable of knowing absolutely everything, now that obviously means he can fix everything also, but he didn’t got these abilities just because he met with an accident in a car with his mom. On the other side aquaman is a character who does what he thinks right, now why? Why he is like that, obviously to know the whole story you have to watch his individual movie but, in synder cut you will get to see the atlantis more briefly.

And there is more, The darkseid (the villian of all), The martian manhunter, the deathstroke and The Joker!

Go watch the real DC NOW!

The Tallest

How tall are you? Ever seen a bird taller than you flying above you?. Height and elegance both is carried beautifully by these birds.

The Sarus Crane (Grus antigone)
They are the tallest flying bird in the world standing 152-156 cm tall with a wingspan of 240cm. It has a predominantly grey plumage with a naked red head and upper neck and pale red legs. Females are smaller, growing to about 35-40kg, while the males grow bigger, up to 40-45kg. It is a social creature, found mostly in pairs or small groups of three or four. Known to mate for life with a single partner.

The main threat to the Sarus crane in India is habitat loss and degradation due to draining the wetland and conversion of land for agriculture. More recently, many deaths have been recorded due to collision with power lines. Also, due to the increase in agricultural land, Sarus cranes are left with no choice but to forage in these fields, and as a result ingest pesticides, which lead to poisoning.

For more info, pics and videos of these beauties👉🏼 Cinepixels_08

Jallikattu : Indian Entry In Oscars 2021

The level of difficulty I faced to sit through this whole movie is as same as to write about it. Jallikattu a movie on a buffalo who runs amok when he was to be slaughtered on a regular ritual night, now who will get to eat it and be owner of it. Yes that’s jallikattu is about.

First let me make you register some things. 1. This is about Three villages — Alanganallur, Palamedu and Avaniyapuram – near the temple town of Madurai.

2. These villages wholey relies on fresh buffalo meat only which is provided by a butcher named Kalan Varkey who performs the ritual of butchering it.

3. This is a remote hilly village, the villages are so small and less populated that because of one buffalo running amok the whole village’s shops and home doors were totally closed. A local curfew!

The best part of jallikattu is it’s background music, it will take you to its own way, the jallikattu way! The first 20 mins of the movie is seriously harsh and very painful to watch for all my vegetarians mates, skip this part or you may vomit on your screens itself! The story of jallikattu unfolds in night and most of the action sequences are also shot in night only but very well cinematographed and present on screen, jallikattu seems to show less and say more, every scene has moral and influence. What I hate while watching is subtitles, subtitles can eat up your half watching of a movie, but poor me, I don’t know malyalam.

It has its lows, when a political person organises a party and on the other side some other village’s boys come to just have fun and party around didn’t got any influence of it, it was just to show the anger of the village people and info. spreads to the other village. The dense jungles and only one man having a gun, rest all having the butchering knifes and bhaalas (a long wooden stick with a sharp metal on the top to kill any beast), the no girl is safe in these villages scenes and the fight between Kuttachan and Anthony in jungle and firing up the jungle with rubber sheets are the highlights of the movie. The buffalo looks very real to me!

Cut to short, story of the story is that one buffalo shows you that not how one man digs a death well of himself but all of the villagers have digged it with him which led them to be animals themselves. The last scene shows exactly what humans do to each other when it comes to life.

A movie banned by P.E.T.A and Govt. Of Andhra Pradesh earlier in 2019 goes to oscars in 2021!


You don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living – Zach Sobiech
If you want to cuddle in a blanket on a chilly winter night and feel warm this is a perfect one mates!

Clouds is a musical romantic drama which revolves around a story of a boy who sings a very beautiful rendition of “Sexy and I Know It” in college and is suffering from  osteosarcoma and then he realises that his cancer is now terminal. He has a best-girl-friend who loves him but never confessed rather she helped the love interest of the boy to get on with him, a normal college romantic drama yes? But the movie starts when his and his’ best friend’s video get famous on the youtube. But Zach didn’t wanted this, his dream was to make an album and then make more songs. Well, his school teacher helped and led him to new york for his life changing chance.

What I liked here is that the zach always gave people what they actually wanted and from the start of the movie to the end his acting is so cool that cancer was just an illness not the main highlight of the movie (other than other cancer patient movies) other than the scene when he and his girlfriend were going into an intercourse scene. The acting is natural by every actor, the is simple and straight but conveys a very beautiful message that it is all in our hands to do it Now Now but we are too busy to never do it.

First Indian Series To Win At Emmy Awards

This project was led by women, financed by women, released by women, crime was also solved by women, this is for the courage of those women and for all women. – Richie Mehta

That incident shook the country to it’s core to make a television drama on it, is a challenge in itself. As our growing india are very much keenly concerned about the scenes in a series but not the message or the story as those are just side things not to be at all concerned or considered about. In one day only we change the views about the largest international o.t.t platform who are providing all the languages, country’s art to be published and be promoted on an international platfrom. So imagine the team involved.

Delhi crime is a very well written and directed drama which is acted methodly by very talented actors of our industry congratulations to Netflixindia and Team of whole delhi crime. This is an achievement which will increase the length of our chest infront of all other international industries.


Who all are from India or had travelled to India, I think they have experienced and have known this word better than anyone else. Celebrations are meant for joy, for escaping from our lives, the cheat of a workoholic, the reason of smiles behind every happy face after pendamic? Heh!

I am a bengali, I belong to the religion which is filled with literature, art, music and offcourse joy. Durga puja is a festival celebrated in west bengal. It is more about coming together than worshiping a goddess. For me durga puja has always been about taking part in it, that is only how I celebrate it. Whole year we wait for those 5 days to come. New clothes, dhunuchi dances, Sandhya aarti ( evening aarti), bhog prasad, naru (a sweet that tastes like heaven), cultural performances, backstage, loads of Photographes.

108 Diyas

76 years is a long time, so long that relations and the tree of community is larger, It is simple more the people bigger the celebrations. Here are some photos of this year’s durga puja with limited crowd allowed, the celebration was small but the spirit is always HIGH SIR!

Aarti at mandap
Dhunuchi Dance
The dhunuchi
The pratima
Sarcastic mask?


Since when bollywood started making excellent dark comedy twisted crime thrillers? Well since LUDO!

Welcome to ludo a tale of 4 guys with 4 females (because obviously) and their paths lead to somewhat same principle and destiny told by anurag basu himself. Anurag basu is a very authentic and classic director he likes to go off road, he likes to play with music, his story telling nature more of showing it in a noir way than telling it in a twisted way. Ludo is very fast paced movie in first 30 mins, it quickly jumps from one story to another then it gives time to blend you in, to register in you. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be thrilled, you will be kept in dark. So how it manages to be a dark movie but with added masala to make you laugh outrageously? Well that’s when the cast comes in, Pankaj Tripathi (sattu) here surely wins the eye balls but rajkumar rao (Aalo) adding the taste of bollywood, abhishek bachan adding the dark humour and aditya(aakash) adding the comedy. It is so clever of anurag basu to not even think of 4 different stories but to one that is of “sin and virtue”. It is written with careful precision, it has a beginning , a middle and an end, just as basu wanted and said. The movie lacks when it comes to middle with some song squences it could have been more tighter. But yes as the song say “O beta ji” in beginning it has some few good moments and few bad stretches.

Surely ludo is going in the list of all time best thrillers of india, somewhat near to ugly. And pankaj Tripathi, Oh man! Is there anything you cannot do?

Scam 1992 : The Harshad Mehta Story

Suchita Dalal :- Why you always write about common MAN? Why not WOMAN? R.K. Laxman :- You see women cannot be common, women are always “SPECIAL”. I guess till now you and all social media have their favourite dialogues from Scam 1992, for me this was the dialogue! and this scene and this episode stocked up with journalism (which is called partylism now a days!) is my favourite!

Scam 1992 is the story of one of the biggest financial scam of india. Set in 90’s of india, the series is very spot and not afraid of pointing fingers. Harshad mehta is a name which is in every case study of a commerce student or economics. The series is also more about the journalism at that time, the value of an article, a column of a newspaper. The acting is apt. of every character, every dialogue has an impact. The natural acting of Pratik Gandhi has made character more lively, he is smart, he is fast, he has given harshad mehta the level he should get in people’s mind. Some scenes of newsroom remind me of David Fincher’s Zodiac. Loved the essence of 80’s and 90’s. The series go according to the reports that have been already published and some times awfully superficial.

Hansal mehta sure did a job of transporting us to the time when it happened, well even now a 5000 crores is a big number, one can only think what could have been the scenerio at that time. Taking on goverment was a very bollywood thing.

In india what is the one thing that people like and easily make one? Heroes. – Harshad Mehta

The Magestic Bird Of Himalayas

This is the 2nd time I am writing about this bird, it is always impossible to ignore him or not to shoot him even if he is far away on the top and you are doing nature timelapse photography. King for a Reason!

The Himalayan Monal (Lophophorus impejanus). Also known as the Impeyan monal and Impeyan pheasant. It is the national bird of nepal and state bird of uttarakhand.

Believe me when I first saw him through my 60X zoom lens, I was so amazed that I couldn’t believe that it is for real! The mettalic colours on his neck and back side have so many vibrant colurs that you cannot count, shiney and attractive, a real show when sunlight falls on him.

That’s the beauty of nature, you cannot spot him in his habitat easily, you even not know that it is monal as you will only see a blackish pheasent bird under a tree in forest, but when he comes in daylight, he is always up on the cliff of a hill or mountain, looks very beautiful and calls from there.

The only male in birds who don’t have to display or urge females for matting, the females themselves are on to them! HERE IS THE VIDEO

The Females

I hear from the locals that they are poached and there crest is sold and used to make decorative hats, and somewhere even eaten! Hunting is banned since 1982 but the dark truth is there is no strict punishment if done still now in india. These birds are proud of a nation and even represent a community and beauty of a place and what you think to make out of it is hats!

– Sandeepan

I created a short video of him to actually show you how beautiful he is, Here it is :-

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