The Intelligent Feeder…

When we were leaving the chilla range of Rajaji national park at 4:45 pm our guide(viru negi) said to wait near his nest as he will come to feed his family now. So we waited for half an hour and then the female left the watch and then he came after watching all around (we were sitting on our jeep with not a single movement or wisper!) to feed his kids and give us our “The Movement” of the trip!

Oriental pied hornbill (female)
Nikon gears
Rajaji national park, chilla range, 2018

The Oriental pied hornbill (Anthracoceros albirostris) found in found in south Nepal, south Bhutan, north Bangladesh, northern and north-eastern India, a large canopy-dwelling bird belonging to the family Bucerotidae. The heavy casque on his head make the male more beautiful, the female has a less grown casque.

Oriental pied hornbill (Male)
Nikon gears
Rajaji national park, chilla range, 2018

What is interesting about him is the feeding behaviour, he sort of stores or collects the food inside the upper throat and when come to nest to feed then he brings it up to the mouth all the way to the beak and then feed it to the kids. Watch the video👇🏼to experience the beautiful moment!

The Oriental Pied Hornbill
Feeding behaviour
Nikon P610 (handheld)
Rajai national park

Tour title :- Gaj Yatra
Tour organisers :- The Nemophilist
Tour co-ordinator :- Siddartha sharma

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The Flying Acrobat…

On a very soothing fine evening at sultanpur outskirts when i was just covering up my lens, that’s when i spotted him in golden light displaying just infront of me and believe me I even forgot that I am holding a nikon D850 with a 200-500mm lens and a tripod and that I was the only one left standing outside the car! Because when he rolls in sky you gotta see him!

The Indian Roller
Couldn’t make a shot that day but took this at Jhilmil jheel conservation reserve
Nikon gears

The Indian Roller (Coracias benghalensis), Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Orissa have chosen it as their state symbol. He does starling aerobatic displays in breeding season, it’s like imagine this colourful bird flying high up in the sky and descend downwards in a circular motion, rolling his feathers & flapping his wings rapidly and producing harsh chack sounds. Yes that’s why I was mesmerized!

You watch him, the you click him, then you process the picture and that’s when you fall for him!

Indian roller
Nikon gears
Sultanpur outskirts, 2018
Indian Roller
Nikon gears
Sultanpur outskirts, 2018

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The King

It was 1°C, freezing cold breeze, tall mountains guarding slight rays of sunlight with a blue sky at 6:30 am that’s when down in the forest under a tree with some of the golden rays falling on him, we spotted the King.

The Himalayan Monal
Nikon gears
Chopta, Uttarakhand, 2018

The Himalyan Monal (Lophophorus impejanus), this national bird of nepal is found at Himalayan ranges extending from pakistan, india, nepal, southern tibet to bhutan. This bird has so many colours that you will discover new colours every time you capture a different individual, the metallic green crest, the coppery feathers on the back and neck make this bird magically beautiful. He is always up on the cliff of a mountain, so high and far that you need a 200-500mm (or 500mm prime or reach to him if you can!) to make a considerable photograph. I had a close encounter when he was feeding and at tungnath temple (highest shiv temple in the world). When I watched him fly? Ohh!! My dream scene.

On a cliff of a 10,000 ft high mountain
Nikon gears
Chopta, Kedarnath Forests, 2018
Count the colours..
Nikon gears
Tungnath temple, chopta, 2018
When he flies..!!
My dream shot to catch him fly
Nikon gears
Monal point, chopta, 2018

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At a dinner party when I was munching a papad, a bird and wildlife photographer “Mr. Subir Chatterjee” said to me that it’s a 7 hour journey to Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur We, we will be staying for 3 days & 2 nights, so can you be a companion to me for bird photography there? That’s how I started my bird and wildlife photography which at first was a hobbie, now, a passion. Belonging to a bengali family it’s impossible to stay away from art so I am grown up watching The Apu Trilogy, malgudi days, byomkesh bakshi, feluda, etc.

I am sandeepan kumar and this is my first blog, I am here to talk about photography and cinema and showcase some of my work. I have been writing about cinema of all types i.e., Tv Series, movies, documentries of of all genres and languages. Photography for me is the way I see the world, as there is nothing to see but there are lot of things to fantasize! So, here to show you how I fantasize, thanks to the device called as camera which helps us to capture moments and fantasies and nature.First things first, I am a nature person and I have to capture when and where I see a frame and I am sincerely a DC fan and love to watch and experience any type of art. Don’t know I am good at recommending or not, I guess you are about to find out! Lets explore some naturistic, birds and wildlife photography, I like to read and write that’s why I really excited to start this blog to share and expose my eye_views. I offer you latest news on photography and tech related to that and share my experience and take your knowledge. Discuss, recommend, ask, shout out about movies and tv serieses.

I welcome criticism with a hug and appreciation with a handshake!

– Sandeepan. 👉🏼 Some of my work

Some highlights

Purple Sunbird
Nikon gears
Nainital, 2018
Himalyan monal
Nikon gears
Chopta, 2018
Red Whiskered Bulbul
Nikon gears
Home garden, 2018
Barking deer
Nikon gears
Jhilmil, 2018
Asian Elephants
Nikon gears
Jim corbett national park, 2018
Chopta, The heaven
Nikon gears with tikona wide angle lens
Indian paradise flycatcher
Nikon gears
Nainital, hidden valley, 2018
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