Because you can..!!

“It’s a bird’s imagination, not it’s wings, that determines how high it can fly.” – Matsohna Dhliwayo Fly because you can, Fly because you are meant to be! Gender is just a characteristic of human it doesn’t define you, don’t let it, don’t even let it classify you. You an intelligent being make yourself count,Continue reading “Because you can..!!”

Largest Raptor of Himalayas

When I first saw him just above me flying, I was so afraid that I was about to fall with my camera. They continuously search their kill keeping the whole other body in steady flying mode and moving the head and rolling the eyes. And dare you see him in the eye! The Himalayan vulture or Himalayan griffonContinue reading “Largest Raptor of Himalayas”

The Flying Angel…

At the first glance only when he float away infront of me like a white stroke of a paint brush, he made me a fan of him… The Indian paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi) is a commoner here in most of the places in india but everytime you see him flying, displaying, perching you don’t regretContinue reading “The Flying Angel…”

The Intelligent Feeder…

When we were leaving the chilla range of Rajaji national park at 4:45 pm our guide(viru negi) said to wait near his nest as he will come to feed his family now. So we waited for half an hour and then the female left the watch and then he came after watching all around (weContinue reading “The Intelligent Feeder…”

The King

It was 1°C, freezing cold breeze, tall mountains guarding slight rays of sunlight with a blue sky at 6:30 am that’s when down in the forest under a tree with some of the golden rays falling on him, we spotted the King. The Himalyan Monal (Lophophorus impejanus), this national bird of nepal is found atContinue reading “The King”


At a dinner party when I was munching a papad, a bird and wildlife photographer “Mr. Subir Chatterjee” said to me that it’s a 7 hour journey to Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur We, we will be staying for 3 days & 2 nights, so can you be a companion to me for bird photography there?Continue reading “Cinepixles”

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